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A united family: Valfredo, Lucia ed il figlio Alessandro.


Verdure sott'olio, cipolline grigliate, peperoni, melanzane, formaggi, sughi di carne artigianali...

Macellaio per tradizione

Alle prese con una bella bistecca. Chi la spunterá?

There is no love more sincere than that for food!

G.B. Shaw.

We want to be an example and want to demonstrate the chance and the convenience to produce good food for people helping our helthy and local economy.

We offer to our customers best meat we produce, always researching a way to improve our way of breed our animals.

Km 0 products are more o less disappearing, nowadays. Some, like Tozzetti family try to go on their task, in a social situation, in which is even more difficult for small retails. However,they continue to product genuine meat made in Italy and not imported from aboad.

Do you maybe remember that incredible tastes, far tastes, that food so excuisite prepared by our parents or grandfathers, that even though economic situation was not the best one that food was amazing! That's what we are talking about: good food that you can meet again in Tozzetti butcher shop.


Free animals in a wide space. We take care of their food and hygienic condition to prevent disease.


There are no words to describe Tozzetti meat taste that have no compare in Tuscany and in Italy.They are also appreciate overseas. The only way to undesrtstand the goodness of this meat is try it!


Short chain is a productive cycle caraterized by few steps and commercial intermediations. Animal are breeded, slaughtered, worked in the laboratory and then selled.

Seasoning and then selling.Products are certificated from Cinta Senese d.o.p. Consortium and recognized as super quality Chianina from Chianti and fine beef Italian meat.


The best way to know our products is try them!

An ancient and charming pretty shop situated in the heart of the Chianti Classico following ancient tradition, a cutting edge laboratory for meats workmanship with the brand of the Economical European Community and for cured meats "d.o.p.". A personalized and efficient service, very careful to the customers requests,high quality meat production bringed up with ancien and natural methods thanks to the ancient knowledge handed from generations.

Tozzetti family business was born in 1936, when Alfredo Tozzetti starts to working as a mediator of livestock in the municipal district of San Casciano Val di Pesa, in the heart of the Chianti Classico area. Tozzetti's butchery was inaugurated by Alfredo son Carlo in 1960 and from him to the hands of Valfredo. Nowadays, Tozzetti butchery boasts tipical local products that sells not only to the Chianti inhabitants but also to all italian regions and to several restaurants and hotels in search of high quality and precious meats.

Tozzetti family goes on tradition, from bringing up to workmanship and to seasoning are used handy methods to obtain excellent meats and genuine products with wild taste and nice aroma such as "Prosciutto di cinta senese", "salame sbriciolona", "bistecca alla fiorentina","filetto di manzo","pancetta arrotolata e tesa","lardo di colonnata", "controfiletto","arista", "girello", "bresaola e chianina",all of their production.

Tozzetti butchery is very careful to the animals
Tasting products and meats like..."Once upon a time, in our grandfathers time".